Grow Your Pipeline With Sales Outsourcing

Assemble a group of skilled outsourced sales development representatives capable of efficiently managing lead qualification, appointment setting, and other related tasks. Our sales outsourcing solution is a more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective alternative compared to independently building and managing your own team.


Outsource Sales For

Lead Generation, CRM Data Entry, CRM Management, CRM Cleanup, Cold Calling, Appointment Setting, Inbound Call Handling, Outbound Call Handling, Lead Follow Up, Lead Qualifying, Lead Processing, Lead Prospecting, Invoicing Support, SLA Preparation

Fill Your Sales Team's Calendar With More Appointments

Our external sales experts will identify, assess, and approach leads, conduct cold calls, and schedule appointments directly on your calendar. Leveraging Sadafzl Technologies, allow our outsourced sales development representatives to fill your team's calendar, translating into increased sales opportunities.


Start With 1 , Scale To 100+

No contractual obligations. No commitment required. Adjust the size of your outsourced sales team as needed, at any time. Sadafzl Technologies is incredibly flexible and caters to businesses of all sizes.


Our Client

If you already have your setup in place, excellent! Our outsourced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) seamlessly integrate with all your existing applications. Alternatively, if you're starting from the beginning, we'll take care of setting up everything for you: from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and a phone dialer to providing fresh inbound leads and any other essentials you may require.


Replacing A Rep Is Painless & Risk-Free

Commence the interview process for sales representatives today, completely risk-free. In the event that you hire someone and the arrangement proves unsuitable, we'll promptly secure a replacement for you. Moreover, if they discontinue their services within the initial two weeks, there will be no charges incurred.


WHY Sadafzl Technologies SALES OUTSOURCING

Why Sadafzl Technologies Sales Outsourcing

We select the top 2% of talent, prioritizing sales expertise and proficiency in English.

Our process is swift, taking only 3 days to assemble a professional sales team.

There are no long-term commitments or concealed fees.

You only pay for candidates you approve, and payments are due after your sales representative has completed a full 2 weeks of work.

For larger teams, you can establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), create customized hiring funnels, and implement tailored contracts, including options for performance-based compensation.

How It Works


Registering independently is a breeze, or if you're bringing on multiple assistants, we can schedule a discovery call to explore your requirements.



Following that, our Matching team initiates the process of discovering the ideal team for you. With a pool of over 1,600 assistants covering customer service, sales outsourcing, lead generation, virtual assistance, and beyond, we are well-equipped. Additionally, for clients seeking multiple assistants, we can tailor custom hiring funnels to meet specific needs.


After assembling your team of assistants, it's time to start your tasks! Our service dashboard simplifies the process of overseeing your workers and monitoring their progress. Moreover, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager to address any questions or concerns throughout the process.

Get Started

Hear it From Our Users


The timeline for results is affected by several factors, including the typical length of your business’ sales pipeline, broader industry trends, and whether you’re continuing an existing strategy or implementing a new one.

In general, expect the first two weeks to focus on onboarding, with adjustments continuing into the first two months. Consistent improvements usually appear within a few months afterward.

Your virtual SDRs can use any sales tools of your choice, including prospecting tools, CRM systems, ecommerce platforms, and online collaboration platforms.

If you’re already using any digital sales tools, we can recruit SDRs familiar with it. If you haven’t chosen specific software yet, you can ask your account manager to help you get set up, possibly at a discounted rate, and then recruit SDRs experienced in using it.

Yes! All our SDR candidates are vetted for their ability to communicate in both written and spoken English. You can also assess their fluency through their write-ups and sample sales calls.

Your remote SDRs can adapt to any qualification methods you employ. We can recruit sales assistants experienced in common methods, such as lead scoring, or automated qualification based on customer touchpoints, which they can help you set up.

All remote SDRs are trained in fundamental information security practices. They’re also given access to resources for further learning, which they’re encouraged to use. And if you’d like to implement further infosec measures, such as expanded onboarding training, or the use of password managers or VPNs, you can ask your account manager to help streamline the process.

Our assistants are based in select countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America. They work remotely, from locations of their choosing. Sadafzl Technologies does not maintain offices or workspaces for VAs working through our service.

There are three main components to our training program. First is our basic training for VAs; this covers fundamental skills and principles for working as a VA, as well as an introduction to digital tools that can improve their efficiency. Second is our library of self-paced courses, which can help them learn or shore up various VA-related skills. Finally, in some cases, we provide our remote workers with hands-on training in a remote position.

This threefold approach ensures that our virtual assistant candidates are well-prepared for whatever jobs they take on.

Our assistants are based in select countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America. They work remotely, from locations of their choosing. Sadafzl Technologies does not maintain offices or workspaces for VAs working through our service.

Our assistants’ schedules are flexible: they can match your business hours, or work off-hours if you need them to. Generally, you can schedule their shift (part- or full-time) any time of day.

Learn More About Sales Outsourcing

Keen to delve deeper into the realm of sales outsourcing? Access our eBook for an in-depth exploration of the myriad opportunities that come with collaborating with a remote sales team.


Grow Your Sales Pipeline With Sales Outsourcing

In our sales outsourcing eBook, we explain exactly how a remote sales team can help you grow your business.