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We carefully select the ideal candidate for you from the top 1% of outsourced talent worldwide.

Sadafzl Technologies Executive Assistants can handle

email management, calendar management, task management, CRM management, file management, booking appointments, incoming phone calls, booking travel arrangements, administrative tasks, personal tasks, data management, reporting, project management, complex tasks

Hire The Top 1% of Talent

Our extensive pool of skilled professionals guarantees that we can source the finest executive assistants globally.


Trained to Succeed

We provide comprehensive training to transform your Executive Assistant into an exceptional performer. They will master not only technical skills such as calendar and inbox management but also soft skills like communication and problem-solving.


An Account Manager on Speed Dial

You are assigned a committed account manager who is accessible for assistance—feel free to reach out via phone, email, or schedule a Zoom call at any time.


Proprietary Quality Assurance

We integrate on-site team leaders with state-of-the-art software to enhance task management.


Assistants Powered by AI

Utilizing Sadafzl Technologies AI, our advanced Language Model (LLM), your Executive Assistant will compose more polished emails, conduct instant research on various topics, and enhance their support to both you and your business operations.


The Perfect Fit, Guaranteed

Occasionally, situations may not unfold as expected, even with the best assistants globally. Should you require a replacement, we'll promptly identify a more suitable match for your needs.


Infinitely Scalable

Whether you require a single executive assistant or a hundred, we simplify the process of adjusting your team size to meet your specific needs.


Get An Assistant, Fast

Bring on board a carefully selected Executive Assistant in just one week. They are prepared to start working at your convenience.

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What can my EA Do?

Our executive assistants are indispensable, contributing to both your personal and professional development. Although the array of tasks they can assist with is extensive, here are a few practical examples to initiate your understanding:


Registering independently is a breeze, or if you're bringing on multiple assistants, we can schedule a discovery call to explore your requirements.



Following that, our Matching team initiates the process of discovering the ideal team for you. With a pool of over 1,600 assistants covering customer service, sales outsourcing, lead generation, virtual assistance, and beyond, we are well-equipped. Additionally, for clients seeking multiple assistants, we can tailor custom hiring funnels to meet specific needs.


After assembling your team of assistants, it's time to start your tasks! Our service dashboard simplifies the process of overseeing your workers and monitoring their progress. Moreover, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager to address any questions or concerns throughout the process.

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Hear it from our users


We use a multi-step sourcing and screening process to secure the best possible remote workers. Applicants come through open calls, employee referrals and job hunting sites in our target labor markets. From that broad list, only about 5% make it to the candidate pool for remote staffing matching.

Virtual assistants typically handle administrative tasks, such as managing schedules, correspondences and clerical work.

However, we recruit remote assistants for a wide range of roles, including sales, marketing, bookkeeping and customer service, among others.

Here’s an overview of common virtual assistant tasks.

There’s no limit to the number of assistants you can hire (other than the limits of your own resources). We can find you as many assistants as you need. Depending on the size of the team you’re assembling and/or the types of virtual assistants, however, processing may take additional time.

We believe the best time to hire a virtual assistant is as soon as you’re prepared to work with a remote freelancer. This includes designating tools, touch points and a scope of work.

It’s always best to outsource proactively. Anticipate opportunities or potential roadblocks and get a VA to prepare for them. Waiting till the last minute may create unnecessary stress or pressure.

There are three main components to our training program. First is our basic training for VAs; this covers fundamental skills and principles for working as a VA, as well as an introduction to digital tools that can improve their efficiency. Second is our library of self-paced courses, which can help them learn or shore up various VA-related skills. Finally, in some cases, we provide our remote workers with hands-on training in a remote position.

This threefold approach ensures that our virtual assistant candidates are well-prepared for whatever jobs they take on.

Our assistants are based in select countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America. They work remotely, from locations of their choosing. Sadafzl Technologies does not maintain offices or workspaces for VAs working through our service.

As soon as you tell us what you’re looking for in your remote workers, we can find you a candidate within a week. Afterward, you will be given the chance to review their profile and meet with them. If you hire them, they can begin immediately. Otherwise, we will search for another candidate; we may get additional feedback from you before doing so. Finding a new candidate can take a few days.