We Make Customer Service Outsourcing Easy

Enhance your customer experiences through our AI-driven customer service outsourcing. Manage inquiries, resolve concerns, and offer personalized customer assistance round the clock in multiple languages.


Outsource Customer Service For

Live Chat, Order Fulfillment, Call Handling, Resolving Customer Disputes, Email Support, Phone Support, Social Media Support, Online Chat

Save Money With a Customer Service Provider

Achieve savings of up to 70% by opting for customer service outsourcing over in-house operations. Through remote customer service, you avoid expenses related to salaries, office space, equipment, and training. These accumulated additional costs make customer service outsourcing a prudent choice.


Start With 1, Scale To 100

Regardless of your requirements, recruit as many customer service professionals as necessary. Whether you seek a single part-time representative or a team comprising over 100 customer service staff, we possess top-tier talent to facilitate your expansion.


24/7 Customer Service, Shorter Response Times

In today's constantly connected world, having 24/7 customer service is a significant advantage. Effortlessly offer customer service operations around the clock to meet customer expectations and enhance the quality of your service.


AI Powered Customer Assistance

We not only recruit the top 3% of talent but also equip our assistants with Sadafzl Technologies AI, our exclusive AI software. Utilizing Sadafzl Technologies AI, your customer service outsourcing team can swiftly revise emails, address customer inquiries, manage calls, and generate interaction scripts with remarkable speed and efficiency.


Trained & Talented Teams

Each outsourced customer service representative from Sadafzl Technologies undergoes training on up-to-date tools and has successfully completed comprehensive internal training. This training encompasses communication channels, effective handling of customer queries, techniques for excellent customer communication, and more. Our customer service representatives are trained to the highest standards.


No Contracts or Hidden Fees

By entrusting your customer service to Sadafzl Technologies, you're in control. With no contracts or concealed fees, you have the freedom to determine the number of hours your outsourced customer service team operates and the schedule that suits you. Begin with 20 hours per week and expand to round-the-clock customer service as needed, aligning with your objectives. Bid farewell to conventional customer service approaches and welcome the flexibility of outsourcing.


Customer Service Tools


Hear it From Our Users


Your customer service assistants can use any virtual tools of your choice, including CRM platforms, ticketing systems, or live chat programs.

If you’re already subscribed to any widely used customer service tools or platforms, we can recruit assistants familiar with it. If you haven’t chosen specific software yet, you can ask your account manager to assist you in setting up your account and recruiting an assistant familiar with it.

All remote customer service assistants are trained in fundamental information security practices. They’re also given access to resources for further learning, which they’re encouraged to use. And if you’d like to implement further infosec measures, such as expanded onboarding training, or the use of password managers or VPNs, you can ask your account manager to help streamline the process.

Our virtual CS assistant candidates go through a multi-step screening process to guarantee you only work with the most qualified VAs. All applicants (drawn from postings on online job markets, as well as employee referrals) are vetted for:

  1. Experience working remotely with international clients.
  2. Spoken and written communication skills
  3. Attention to detail and problem-solving ability.

Our customer service assistants can be further screened for proficiency in specific virtual tools or for over-the-phone communication (if the role requires it).

There are three main components to our training program. First is our basic training for VAs; this covers fundamental skills and principles for working as a VA, as well as an introduction to digital tools that can improve their efficiency. Second is our library of self-paced courses, which can help them learn or shore up various VA-related skills. Finally, in some cases, we provide our remote workers with hands-on training in a remote position.

This threefold approach ensures that our virtual assistant candidates are well-prepared for whatever jobs they take on.

Our assistants are based in select countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America. They work remotely, from locations of their choosing. Sadafzl Technologies does not maintain offices or workspaces for VAs working through our service.

Our assistants’ schedules are flexible: they can match your business hours, or work off-hours if you need them to. Generally, you can schedule their shift (part- or full-time) any time of day.

In general, we can find your first candidates within 7 days. You’ll have a chance to review their profiles and resumes, and to talk to them by video call. Once you’re satisfied with them, you can have them start work. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll get you new candidates, which can take up to another week.

Note that highly specific criteria, such as experience in niche industries or with multiple specialized tools, may take more time to recruit for.

Scaling your team up or down is easy, so that you can readily adapt to changing customer service needs. All you need to do is send a message to your account manager.

If you’re looking to scale your team down, you can immediately pause or cancel succeeding hours on any assistants of your choice.

If you’re looking to scale your team up, we can start looking for more assistants immediately if you’re using the same criteria. If not, we’ll discuss those changes with you, and then start looking. Finding further candidates takes up to seven days.

How It Works


Registering independently is a breeze, or if you're bringing on multiple assistants, we can schedule a discovery call to explore your requirements.



Following that, our Matching team initiates the process of discovering the ideal team for you. With a pool of over 1,600 assistants covering customer service, sales outsourcing, lead generation, virtual assistance, and beyond, we are well-equipped. Additionally, for clients seeking multiple assistants, we can tailor custom hiring funnels to meet specific needs.


After assembling your team of assistants, it's time to start your tasks! Our service dashboard simplifies the process of overseeing your workers and monitoring their progress. Moreover, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager to address any questions or concerns throughout the process.

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